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When time matters

When time matters

Everything DiSC Workplace usb with Facilitation KitAt we frequently hear from people who are told that they will be offering a workshop or training to a group of people in the very near future. Or a problem comes up and senior management wants a training ASAP.

You might identify with Curt:

“The experience came up quickly and I had to do a first session within a week—everything was in place by the first training class, everyone had taken profile, had their report—that was remarkable that it all had been done in just a few days.”

How did Curt get it all done so quickly? He purchased Everything DiSC Workplace profiles for all participants. This assessment is taken online.

We sent Curt access codes to distribute to his participants. He forwarded each one an email with the access code and they went online, entered the code and took the assessment.

Scoring is done electronically and can immediately produce a profile report. Curt chose to let everyone see his or her narrative report after completing the assessment. Another trainer might have had them wait until he gave them copies during the training.

Judy had a similar experience:

“This year we wanted to have the tests taken and completed in the time before class started and students were coming from all over the world. The results would be given back to students that first week. The test was completed online, electronically.”

Neither Curt nor Judy had to be certified or complete training to administer the DiSC assessments. If you feel the need to learn a bit more about DiSC so you can answer questions and to have materials readily available for trainings you can purchase the Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit. Trainers can switch out video clips, modify the PowerPoint slides and add or delete sections to fit any training schedule.

Sample video included in Kit



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