Using DiSC in marriage and couple retreats

Using DiSC in marriage and couple retreats

couple at a marriage retreatLeading an enrichment retreat and looking for resources? Consider using DiSC profiles. It’s recommended to schedule a half-day for explaining the DiSC concepts and giving the couples or families time to digest and work with their reports.

Why use DiSC®?

Communication skills are a must-have in any relationship—even more so in a marriage or partnership. DiSC profiles are non-judgmental and help each partner increase his or her self-knowledge: How do I respond to conflict? What motivates me? What causes me stress? How do I tend to solve problems? Sharing this information with your spouse or partner is a powerful step. DiSC also suggests ways individuals can adapt or flex their own style to get along better with others.

DiSC will not tell you that you’re compatible or not with your spouse. It won’t tell you how to fix any problem. But it will help couples better understand themselves and their priorities, and their partner and his or her priorities. And suggestions are provided about behaviors that might make someone more effective in their personal interactions.

DiSC Comparison Report with a rose and chocolatesWill DiSC work in conjunction with other programs?

DiSC profiles will not duplicate, but rather supplement, the content found in other tools such as The 5 Love Languages. The DiSC assessment provides the facilitator and participants another way of looking at relationships.

The DiSC profile can be used with confidence by facilitators. DiSC has been well-researched and the profile has been validated and used by over 40 million people.

I know it’s been so useful in my own life, with my husband and children too, and have had really positive feedback on how useful people have found it. Great for business partners too, both when they’re couples and when they’re just working together.  – Cathy

What about the Comparison Reports?

The Comparison Reports are great tools for showing just how two people are likely to interact with each other. It might seem odd to ask someone to take a profile designed for use in an organizational setting, but think about what a marriage entails. There’s a budget. There are big decisions about capital investments like a house or car. There are family and individual goals. A lot of marriages fail because the couple doesn’t work as a unit.

Sample Comparison Report (PDF)

These free reports are only available with Everything DiSC products such as Everything DiSC Workplace or Everything DiSC Productive Conflict and an EPIC administrative account. If you’re running a retreat with several couples, consider the benefits of using EPIC. If you’re getting profiles for yourself or a single couple, you’ll probably want to stick with DiSC Classic and not set up an EPIC account.

Will I need any special training on how to use DiSC or deliver a DiSC session?

You can administer any of the Everything DiSC profiles or DiSC Classic without any special training. The DiSC Classic paper profile is easily self-scored. If you choose the DiSC Classic 2.0 Online or Everything DiSC Workplace participants can complete the assessment before coming to a workshop. (As the facilitator you’ll be able to see their results and know if you’ll be presenting to a room heavy in one style and so be able to adjust your activities.)

A facilitator’s guide is available in DiSC Classic Facilitation Kit with 14 different learning modules so you can pick one that works best for you, such as Communication, Conflict, or Interpersonal Relationships. There’s also an Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit.

Download sample profiles

Everything DiSC Workplace sample report – English | Spanish | French

Everything DiSC Productive Conflict sample report

DiSC Classic 2.0 sample report

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    discpros 10 years ago

    You can reprint as long as you give our blog credit along with the following link:

  2. Author
    Kristeen 10 years ago

    I went to a couples’ retreat where Love Languages and some DISC colors test were used. I would have preferred that we had used Everything DiSC so we could have received a full report. Later we both got a DiSC profile and getting the comparison report for each of us was very helpful. Is was nice to know from love languages that we both need touch to feel loved. But since my husband is being deployed to Iraq and we’ll only be able to communicate via phone and email, learning from DiSC about how we both deal with conflict and communication was very important and the comparison report gave us useful insight into how we relate on a “business of life” level.

    • Edgar 6 years ago

      Hello Kristeen

      Im looking for a a couples’ retreat where Love Languages. can you share me your contact to get info. thks

      • Author
        The team 6 years ago

        I’m sorry, but doesn’t have any facilitators for The Five Love Languages on our staff. All I can suggest is to try an Internet search for “Five Love Languages retreats.” Sometimes local churches will hold a retreat and use the book and profile.

  3. Jill Jass 5 years ago

    I’m new to working with the DiSC and in this article, you note – “A facilitator’s guide is available with 14 different learning modules so you can pick one that works best for you, such as Communication, Conflict or Interpersonal Relationships”, what is that facilitator’s guide? Thank you for a great site!

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