DiSC and the MBTI

DiSC and the MBTI

Comparing DiSC to MBTI?A perennial discussion exists among consultants and others about which profile is the best. That’s not really the best question to ask. A better one is: Which assessment better fits your needs?

Need to get people to work more effectively together?

Everything DiSC Workplace gives your team, group, or organization a common language to help them build more effective working relationships. The individual and group reports are easily understood and memorable. It’s easy to visualize where individuals or the entire team might struggle or be most productive. It also measures the traits of dominance and submissiveness–common issues in relationships–which the MBTI® does not.

“My personal observations are that the MBTI was more helpful in learning about myself in detail. But it’s hard to use to understand others unless you know their type and look it up. For working with others and identifying areas where I might need to change my style to better match another’s, then DiSC was much better because it’s simpler to determine someone else’s preferred behaviors.”

— Forum post at www.48days.net/forum/topics/mbti-vs-disc-personality

“DiSC is simple – it’s incredibly relevant – but it’s also relatively easy to grasp where MBTI – I think – is incredibly complicated to grasp.”

— Robin, instructional designer and trainer at Wiley (has also completed the MBTI Certification Program)

Need a tool that can be used in a tight training schedule?

DiSC is an intuitive and applicable model that people can get their heads around quickly. Training kits are available which provide video, slides, handouts, and other material so the trainer’s time can be spent elsewhere.

“We have used both tests and we have found DiSC to be far simpler to interpret and put into action. In our world where we are all under pressure to get more done so quickly, a simpler and Effective Tool is great to have in your toolkit.”

— Forum post at http://www.manager-tools.com/forums-5748

Need a follow-up so the training actually gets used?

Follow-up makes training stick. That’s why the Everything DiSC Workplace, Work of Leaders, Management, Productive Conflict, Agile EQ, and Sales profiles all come with unlimited Comparison Reports. If a couple of people need a little extra help you can run Comparison Reports for the two of them. Or you can run them as participants move from team to team.

“The new Everything DiSC Comparison Report will make it much easier to keep conversations going after the initial training. It’s a real breakthrough, particularly for working with teams.”

— International leadership training consultant, CPLP, certified in DiSC and MBTI
quoted by Inscape Publishing

Need career counseling?

Many people feel that the MBTI gives them a deeper understanding of themselves. The classifications are more sharply defined. DiSC helps you learn about yourself, and identify what motivates or stresses you, but you won’t get suggestions for career paths. For this type of need, you might want to use the MBTI or Strong Interest Inventory Scales.

Using the profile with athletes?

From www.athleteassessments.com/compare-mbti-and-disc-sport:

DISC does not suggest you have to change your personality, just your behavior. We find this to be a critical factor in why DISC can deliver more useful outcomes for us in sport.

With DISC you can delve deeply into the theory and its application, yet at its core is a four quadrant model that most people can quickly grasp the basics of, in only a few minutes. This is very important in sport, for coaches, athletes and others to quickly understand and remember.

UPDATE, Jan. 2016:

Need research support?

You can’t find more detailed research information about an assessment than you get in the Everything DiSC Manual. In addition to providing an in-depth overview of the DiSC model and the various applications associated with DiSC, the Everything DiSC Manual provides coverage on the following key topics:

  • Research supporting the validity and reliability of the DiSC styles
  • An overview of DiSC as it intersects with current psychological theory
  • Case studies modeling the proper interpretation of the tool
  • DiSC as it applies to gender, ethnicity, and education

See also: DiSC Overview and Theory: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, an except from the Everything DiSC Manual

Need to extend learning?

Give your participants a chance to learn more about their styles and about DiSC.

With MyEverythingDiSC, learners now can connect with coworkers and others who have completed an Everything DiSC assessment. Whether they need to prepare for a meeting with a new project team or learn about a new coworker, Comparison Reports can help learners understand each other. And for those who want to dig deeper into research and theory, MyEverythingDiSC.com has the tools and resources—on-demand.

Hire a great facilitator no matter which assessment you choose

While we have given several arguments for preferring Everything DiSC to other assessments, we want to remind our readers that the facilitator or trainer can have just as big of an impact. Ask for references for your facilitator and look for an accreditation like the Everything DiSC Workplace Certification. Or search for facilitators at everythingdisc.com.

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