Communication is key for business

Communication is key for business

passionate discussionIf you’re in sales or marketing you probably read the title of this post in the context of learning from conversations with prospective customers. If you’re in customer service you probably read it in the context of conversations with current customers. If you’re in human resources you probably read it in context of internal communications. If you’re in PR you probably think of relationships with the media.

There’s a good reason why many job descriptions include at least one bullet point about being able to communicate clearly. It’s an important part of every job.

Recently the Great Place to Work Institute’s first-ever list of the best global companies to work for all have strong communication in common, as noted in Regan Communication’s recent article, “Communication is key for top 25 best places to work.”

These articles bring up questions every organization should be able to answer:

  • How is great communication fostered in your organization?
  • Do your leaders model good communication? Do you coach them?
  • What is your culture?
  • How is it communicated to current and future employees?
  • Is technology helping or hindering your communication?
  • Is there something missing from your culture?
  • How do you measure the success of your internal and external communications?

Of course DiSC profiles help people understand how complex good communication can be and how to better communicate with people different from yourself. It can be part of your strategy to improve communications throughout the organization and its customers or clients.

As a technology example: Do you tweet facts for C’s, offer a competition for most influential blogger for D’s, provide a LinkedIn group for I’s, encourage S’s to interact with customers/clients online? As a leadership example: Can all employees explain the organization’s vision and values? How about your customers/clients, suppliers, investors?

“Communication is not a separate function. It’s hard to separate it out. It’s like a car… what’s the important part? An engine can’t get you anywhere without the wheels. It all has to be integrated.”
— Bob Shillman, CEO of Cognex

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2017 update

“Specifically, employees reported that they love working at companies with mission-driven company cultures, where they have clear career opportunities, and where senior leadership teams make them feel valued and are transparent with how they communicate with employees.” Glassdoor CEO cofounder Robert Hohman told Business Insider.

2019 update

At the Best Workplaces in this region [U.S. and Canada], employees express a sense of winning together when times are good—and sticking together when times are tough. Top features separating the Best Workplaces from other organizations include celebrating special events, sharing profits and treating layoffs as a last resort. The importance of unity extends to giving back to the community, and being able to count on people to cooperate.

by Kristeen Bullwinkle and the team


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