Commanding leaders (and Everything DiSC)

The commanding leadership style is the last of our continuing examination of the 8 dimensions of leadership. No matter what our own style of leadership, we all have something to learn from the styles that come more easily to others.


Who is a commanding leader?


Commanding leaders tend to be competitive, driven, and assertive. Their confident style might be the one you first think of when you think “leader” and therefore be seen as a natural leader.


Commanding leaders are extremely motivated to get results. This can create a sense of positive urgency or a stamping on the feelings and needs of subordinates. They’re often seen as ambitious, assertive, and competitive. At their worst they’re seen as forceful and egotistical.
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Management: What can you teach new managers?

A great employee, a great technical expert, a great accountant, a great sales associate should make a great manager, right? Maybe not. I think we all know that management requires a set of skills and tasks that aren’t always easily picked up. Great managers have usually had some training, good feedback, and mentorship. So what can be done to get new managers what they need? How can you help struggling managers? How can you help good managers become great?


How can you help your managers?


When I became a manager I took several classes that covered company HR policies with an emphasis on policies for unionized, reviewed the mission statement, went over the company employee evaluation forms, and got some handouts. Most of this information was important, but I didn’t learn how to manage. What would have helped me?


Develop self-knowledge

Knowing and reflecting on how I managed myself and discovering where I struggled with others would have helped. How do organize my day? How good of a communicator am I? What motivates me? How comfortable am I in directing someone’s actions? How do I deal with conflict? DiSC provides a few tools that can help here. Everything DiSC Management can help a manager build a more accurate concept of himself as a manager, by focusing on common management behaviors such a delegating tasks or motivating staff.

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What is management?

You can support your own managers by helping them understand their roles and what management means in your organization. If you’re planning to give the Everything DiSC Management profile to your managers, you might want to discuss what they believe a good manager does, what responsibilities they have and what actions they take.


What is management?


There are many definitions of management and it is often confused with leadership. One manager’s job might look very different from another manager in a different building. While managers can certainly be leaders, let’s look at just a couple simple lists of what a manager does.

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Resolute leaders (and Everything Disc)

by Kristeen Bullwinkle and the team


The resolute leadership style is the focus of this month’s continuing examination of the 8 dimensions of leadership. No matter what our own style of leadership, we all have something to learn from the styles that come more easily to others.


Who is a resolute leader?

Resolute leaders are highly determined and persistent. They have the inner strength to give people courage during hard times. They tend to be natural skeptics and show a disdain for weakness and incompetence. You might hear them say “should” a lot; they like to see things done the “right” way, or maybe just their way.


If you’re a resolute leader you might see yourself as highly competent, determined, rational, independent, and up for a challenge. You set high standards for yourself and others. You spot inefficiencies. and aren’t afraid to speak up when you see a problem.


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Everything DiSC reports for facilitators

by Kristeen Bullwinkle and the team


Not sure if you should purchase a Facilitator Report or Group Report? Not sure how you’d use it? Let’s see if we can help you out. The reports discussed below can be used with Everything DiSC Workplace, Management, or Sales. (Everything DiSC Work of Leaders offers reports that are specific to that profile and aren’t covered here.)


Everything DiSC Facilitator Report

Sample Quick Reference Chart for Everything DiSC Facilitator Report


This report provides you with information about your group’s culture, something that isn’t always obvious from looking at a pile of individual reports.


Report sections:

  • Introduction to DiSC and Group Culture
  • Your DiSC Culture
  • The D, i, S and C Cultures
  • Data Summary (lists members names and styles)
  • Small-Group Bonus Page (This page will not appear if there are more than 16 people in a single DiSC quadrant. The Group Map with Names is generated for groups of 26 or fewer.)

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