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Training and employee development

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Employee Training, eLearningIndustry, October 2015
“The short answer is because training and developing your employees could be critical to the future success of your organization.”

Tips for Incorporating Employee Development into the Work Culture, HR Daily Advisor, September 2015
“Let’s take a look at some ways employers can incorporate employee development into the company culture:”

8 ways to welcome conflict on your team, Talent Gear, June 2014
How can you encourage your team to welcome conflict and not shy away from it? How can Identifying shared objectives, using group facilitation skills, confronting passive-aggressive behavior, avoiding ignorance of conflict, etc. improve your team?”

Want a Team to be Creative? Make it Diverse, Harvard Business Review, May 2012
” Innovation teams tasked with creating new products or technologies or iterating existing ones need tension to produce breakthroughs, and tension comes from diverse points of view. This is the opposite of groupthink, the creativity-killing phenomenon of too much agreement and too similar perspectives that often paralyzes otherwise great teams.”

Top Ten Reasons Why Large Companies Fail To Keep Their Best Talent, Forbes, December 2011
“Whether it’s a high-profile tech company like Yahoo!, or a more established conglomerate like GE or Home Depot, large companies have a hard time keeping their best and brightest in house.”

Understanding the Executive Development Challenge, Chief Learning Officer, November 2011
“No matter how good managers are in their area of technical expertise, they need new skills and knowledge as they transition from a technical management role to senior leader.”

How You Can Limit Employee Turnover, Roberta Matuson’s Blog, June 2011
“Of those surveyed, 64% of high-potential employees say they are unhappy with their development activities.”

Tips for Making an Employee’s First 90 Days Successful, Inc., January 2011
“Making a new hire feel comfortable and a part of the team from day one is imperative to helping the employee become a successful and productive member of your business.”

Why Don’t Most Companies Manage Performance Well? Canadian Management Centre, November 2010
“Companies should not expect employees to be engaged and satisfied with the performance appraisal process when the people conducting the reviews are, well, just not performing.”


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