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Share your DiSC® style priorities

Share your DiSC® style priorities

Do you ever wish that people understood you better?

If you’ve taken an Everything DiSC® assessment, you’ve learned a lot about yourself you might want to share. We suggest two ways of sharing.

MyEverythingDiSC Comparison MapUse MyEverythingDiSC

Many Everything DiSC facilitators make sure their clients have access to Once you’ve set up your account, you can can invite others who have taken one of the DiSC assessments to share their profile with you.

You can get tips for working better together: building relationships, getting buy-in, giving and receiving feedback, managing tensions, or working on a project together. These are valuable and actionable insights.

If you would like to access and purchased your Everything DiSC profile from or, send us an email at with your order number and access code so we can invite you. If you purchased or received your Everything DiSC profile from another source, please contact your original provider.

Share your style on social media

Tweet with DiSC style shared

Save the appropriate image to your computer and then share it. Did you highlight a sentence or two in your profile? Quote it. Use the hashtag #EverythingDiSC.

Here are images you can share on your personal social media. All other rights reserved.

How to Copy and Save Images from the Internet

DiSC D style prioritiesDiSC Di style priorities

DiSC DC style prioritiesDiSC i style prioritiesDiSC iD style priorities







You can include links to more information about DiSC styles:

DiSC iS style priorities
DiSC S style priorities

DiSC Si style prioritiesDiSC SC style prioritiesDiSC C style prioritiesDiSC CS style prioritiesDiSC CD style priorities


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