Using DiSC when giving or receiving feedback

We might love to offer our opinions, but providing feedback in the workplace isn’t always easy. We wonder if it’s really wanted, if it will be accepted, or if it will be acted upon. Will the recipient be thankful, accepting, cold, hostile, or punishing?

Teams can help each other give honest feedback and seek out productive conflict if they are supportive. And if they practice giving feedback.

Many recommendations for giving feedback, such as asking permission to do so, apply to any style. But each DiSC style has a different goal and fear around getting feedback. Feedback implies a need for personal change of focus, activity, or behaviors and can stir up personal fears and insecurities. These tips may help giving feedback that’s more easily accepted.


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Everything DiSC facilitation checklist

speakerWhether you’re offering your first training using Everything DiSC or your 20th, we hope this checklist proves useful. Please offer any suggestions you have for improving it. We know that you’re the real experts.

Download as a Word file

3 to 6 weeks before


Chose the right product

First determine which product best meets your needs. Is it the general Workplace or would Management be a better choice? Not sure which Everything DiSC product to use? Review the overviews at Which Everything DiSC® assessment should I use?

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Everything DiSC and holiday stress

Stressed out imageIt’s winter in the United States. That means the days are growing shorter and people are growing more stressed. Plus there are all the holidays and accompanying pressures. So what can we do to reduce stress for people at our organizations? Some tactics, such as limiting the availability of alcohol or increasing one’s level of physical activity, will apply across personalities. Other tactics are style specific.

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DiSC collage activity

A simple and memorable DiSC training activity


How can you make the DiSC styles even more memorable? People need to spend time with a concept and have experiences with it to make it memorable. Creating collages in one way to give someone one more experience with the DiSC styles. It’s an activity that draws on what they’ve had presented to them in their DiSC reports. It can be more memorable than words on a page or slide because it’s something learners make themselves.


Allow at least an hour for creating the posters and debriefing. Encourage collaboration and discussion. You can expect people to see an image and immediately call out something like “Oh, this is perfect for a D!” Or they will ask for opinions: “Should ‘speak up’ be for the D because they like to-the-point communication, or for the i because they love talking, or should it be for the S because they need to be better at speaking up?” You can step in to provide clarification about DiSC styles if needed.

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